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Some Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Using An Electric Patio Heater

Whether you own a house or business with a deck, patio or terrace, an electric patio heater can prove to be a perfect accessory for adding comfort and warmth to your outdoor entertainment programs even in the chilliest night.

With a large number of online retailers of electric patio heaters such as Shop.firesense.com coming into play, You get a plethora of electric patio heaters which you can buy for your home or business.

You would be thinking why should you buy electric patio heaters over any other outdoor heater? So let us have a look at some eco-friendly benefits of using electric patio heaters.

They Reduce The Consumption Of Wood And Other Fossil Fuels

Electricity is generated from both renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy. In 2007 it was found that around 28% of electricity was generated from clean and renewable sources of energy.

This means that by using an electric patio heater you save around 28% fossil fuel compared to a gas heater which uses 100% of energy from fossil fuels.

Just not that, stoves and fireplaces which use woods consumed almost 20 million cords in 1999. The volume of one cord is equal to a stack of log 4’x4’x8’ which are used for making 1000 to 2000 pounds of paper.

An electric heater doesn’t use a single cord of wood which means that you save a lot of trees from being cut.