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Why Your Website Should be Fully Responsive?

In the past few years the usage of mobile internet has been touching the skies and in the next past few years, it is predicted that it will cross over the desktop data usage. Then also, today a lot of companies build a non-mobile friendly website. This just not causes a headache to the users, but it also generates a great loss in your business opportunities.

Companywebsitedesign.com.au in Melbourne explains why it is crucial for business owners and organizations to have a responsive website.

Mobile Usage Is Exploding

This is not a surprising fact and lot of business owners are very well aware of it, but still, they don’t have a mobile-friendly website. Here are some stats by Smart Insights which will make you think twice before ignoring the need of having a mobile friendly website.

  • Around 20% of Google searches are carried out using mobile devices.
  • In 2012 more than half of the local searches were carried out on a mobile device.
  • Around 25% users in the USA access internet on mobile devices.
  • 61% of people will have a better opinion of a brand if they provide a better mobile experience.
  • Around 25.85% of emails are opened on various mobile devices and 10.16% are opened on tablets.

Positive User Experience Is A Must

According to Google’s Think Insights if a user lands on your mobile website and doesn’t find what they are looking, then there are 61% chances that they will immediately leave your website and move on to another one. But if a user has a positive experience on your mobile website, then there are 67% chances that they will not leave your site without purchasing anything or using your services.

So it can be said that a responsive website is a key for any organization or business to achieve success and generate business.